Industrial LED Lighting

At Renovo Energy we use three brands of lighting.

While cheap imports continue to flood in, we avoid them and so should you.

“Throwaway” LED lighting simply wraps businesses in a war over warranty and failure to deliver as promised. We represent two American companies and one Australian Designed – Chinese Manufactured industry leader and award winner. These products will last the test of time and have warranties and reputations to back it this up. Please visit their websites via the links below for full specs or alternatively check our downloads section and then when you discover these are a combination of the toughest, brightest and smartest LED Lights on the market give us a call or fill in our quote form and we can advise on the best light for your situation

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Appalachian LED Lighting

World leading streetlighting, floodlighting and highbay lighting that has the ability to be controlled remotely via its in built Allink system – virtually eliminating maintenance and allowing complete control from dimming and timing point of view. Very high energy saving characteristics and genuine long lifetimes. Best Suited to:

  • Utility Streetlight Applications and general road streetlighting
  • Large carparks and or premises such as airports, schools, hospitals, universities etc
  • Large scale manufacturing or production facilities

BARE LED Lighting

Floodlights that are as tough as nails and utilise the latest CREE technology to ensure the brightest chips possible from the world leader in chip technology. This range of floodlights comes in many different wattages and is suited to Mining process plants, industrial yards and workshops and also via its new version M-M Version fitting which comes in 24VDC it is being utilised on ships, boats, heavy machinery, lighting towers etc.

Enlighten LED Lighting

Australian award winning lighting. Great for use in Stairwells, carparks, factories and now via its latest version Zorro light fitting – it is ideal for mining conveyor lighting, streetlighting and solar streetlighting etc.

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